12 Best Plate Carriers for 2023

Plate carriers are used by police and the military for load-bearing equipment. The best plate carrier or greatest carriers are ones that can be worn for extended periods of time and can be adjusted in any way the user desires. Plate Carriers are typically built to handle a variety of sizes of ballistic plates.

Purchase a plate carrier that can save your valuable time in emergency scenarios and can carry all you need without sacrificing comfort or mobility. The addition of pouches or pockets can aid in the carrying of vital tools, while advanced materials can ensure that your plate carrier is long-lasting and effective.

The best plate carrier has to be available when you need it the most!

Here are our 12 Best Plate Carriers

5.11 Tactical All Missions Plate Carrier – Best Rated Plate Carrier

The All Missions Plate Carrier comes with a variety of components that you can use to customize its configuration to meet your mission’s requirements. Build a sleek configuration for low-vis or weighted vest workouts, a standard configuration for versatility with our proprietary multi-angle Hex grid mounting system, or a layered raid configuration for a robust maximum loadout of equipment, ammo, and armor.

Features And Benefits

  • Patented HEXGRID multi-angle load bearing platform
  • Removable HEXGRID 12×9 Gear Set with pouch (front) and HEXGRID 12×9 Gear Set(back)
  • Removable kangaroo pouch adaptor with bungee for mag storage
  • Webbing strap or inner stretch cummerbund or outer HEXGRID cummerbund waist system
  • Adjustable hypalon shoulder straps with removable shoulder padding
  • Removable front and back body pads
  • Adjustable hypalon shoulder straps with removable shoulder padding
  • Internal straps for plate retention with elastic shock absorption

For individuals who desire a straightforward solution, plug-and-play can be really useful. The 5.11 Tactical All Missions Plate Carrier is a good alternative if you just want a plate carrier without having to pick out every single item. The AMP provides you with a package that can be stripped down or expanded to create a diverse task set.

For carrying a fighting load, reduce it to simply two plate bags or add an internal and external cummerbund. It’s very modular, giving users access to a completely new sort of webbing. For optimal access, the Hex Grid webbing allows you to mount accessories at a variety of angles.

The kangaroo pouch and cummerbund provide a variety of pockets for carrying a half-dozen magazines, tourniquets, and other small items. It’s quite modular, and it gives people a whole new kind of webbing. You may mount accessories at a variety of angles with the Hex Grid webbing for better access.

The kangaroo pouch and cummerbund provide a variety of pockets for carrying a half-dozen magazines, tourniquets, and other small items. The shoulder straps, on the other hand, will not fail.

Crye Precision Jumpable Plate Carrier (JPC) 2.0 – Overall Best Plate Carrier

Best Plate Carrier

The Jumpable Plate Carrier 2.0 is a minimalist armor vest designed for maximum mobility, weight savings, and packability. With a total weight of just over one pound, the JPC 2.0 offers a variety of configuration options to meet an operator’s needs in terms of protection, modularity, and comfort.


  • Easy 2-step emergency doffing capability
  • Hidden vertical webbing loops on front carrier supports detachable chest rigs
  • High performance stretch material that allows for plates of varying thickness
  • VELCRO brand panel on the front of the carrier allows detachable MOLLE or mag pouch front flap
  • Zippers along the sides of the back carrier for zip-on panels
  • Low-profile cummerbund attachment that provides maximum adjustability and allows for chest expansion as needed
  • Webbing loops on the back of the shoulder straps to support back panels
  • Drag handle that supports up to 400 lbs.

Crye Precision, the go-to brand for all tactical hipsters, makes some of the best gear on the market. They take a premium for it, but it’s well worth it.

And it’s frequently the weapon of choice for America’s most elite troops. The Skeletal cummerbund is intended to reduce weight and bulk while allowing pouches to be added to the inside and outside of the cummerbund. Padded attachment shoulder straps provide comfort and make adjusting the height simple.

To buy this plate carrier visit: https://www.uspatriottactical.com/crye-precision-jpc-2.0-jumpable-plate-carrier/crye_BLC-066.html

Mayflower Assault Plate Carrier

The Assault Plate Carrier (APC) is designed to give the wearer a high level of mobility while also providing plenty of surface area for mounting mission-critical pouches. The upper front of the APC has an integral admin pouch with internal elastic loops to hold pens, pencils, chemlites, and other similar items.

The APC’s front lower half includes an integrated pouch that can hold up to three M4 magazines. The APC comes standard with our PALS-compatible cummerbund, which is designed to accept side soft armor. The APC also works with our modular cummerbund suite.


  • Plate pockets are sized to accommodate Stand-Alone or ICW ESAPI or Swimmer cut plates
  • S/M APC fits size Small, Medium and 10″x12″ sized plates up to 1.2″ thick and below 
  • L/XL APC fits Large and X-Large plates up to 1.2″ thick and below 
  • Holds SAPI, Shooter, and Swimmer Plates 
  • Armor/Plates Sold Separately
  • Three Cummerbund Options: Low-Profile Elastic (CBN1), Low-Profile Elastic With Dividers (CBN1D) & Standard MOLLE, Plate Pocket (CBN3) 
  • 100% Made in the USA

You can add the Mayflower Assault Plate Carrier to your cart and buy it immediately; all you have to do is add the plates! It’s a straightforward but well-crafted platform. When placing an order for a cummerbund, you have three alternatives. One has three pockets for mags and is made of regular MOLLE, while the other is made of low-profile elastic and has pouches.

Three mag pouches are provided in the front kangaroo pouch, and the ample MOLLE ladders make it simple to add your belongings. Despite the fact that the APC may be considered jumpable. It’s a little more substantial than your typical minimalist plate carrier. It does, however, give adequate protection. Optional side plates can be added to your front and rear plate bags.

You do feel like an APC with four plates. You can load the Mayflower APC with gear with a little more ease now. You can also add placards if you like, but the vest will be enough. The Mayflower APC is a great plug-and-play alternative that’s well-made, long-lasting, and comfortable.

Spiritus Systems LV-119

The LV/119 SYSTEM is a collection of devices that operate together to allow end-users to scale their equipment to meet their present requirements. Because this is a cohesive system, end-users can mix and match accessories in the majority of circumstances. For instance, an O V E R T Front and Rear Plate Bag might be combined with a C O V E R T Front and Rear Plate Bag. Cummerbunds, shoulder coverings, and other pieces will be offered for cross-pollination.

The SYSTEM is made up of a number of components, some of which are now available and others that are in development. Back Panels of various types, MOLLE cummerbunds, First Spear Tubes integrations, and various placards are among them.


  • Overt Plate Bag – Front (including ITW clips)
  • Overt Plate Bag – Rear
  • Elastic Cummerbund – Advanced 5″
  • Shoulder Covers – Trifold

I wouldn’t call the Spriritus Systems LV-119 plug-and-play. In truth, it’s a long way off. Spiritus, you know, likes to do this thing where they sell their creations one by one. The good news is that the LV-119 is constantly updated with new pieces and parts, ensuring that the kit remains current and evolving.

You’ll also have the opportunity to create the LV-119 of your dreams. Choose between a front plate bag, a backplate bag, and a cummerbund. Overt, covert, and assault variants are available, as well as a variety of flaps, cores, mag pouches, and cummerbunds enabling diverse setups.

Users can mix and combine overt, covert, and beyond to achieve the exact arrangement they need for whichever task they’re working on. Maybe you’ll have to be stealthy.  Perhaps you should go fight in Fallujah. It’s simply a plate carrier version of the AR-15.

The LV-119 features a sleek design that makes routing cables for comms, antennae, and other fun stuff a breeze. It’s jumpable or simple in design, like most modern plate carriers. As a result, you can move around and groove without having to fight your plate carrier.

To buy this plate carrier visit: https://www.tactical-kit.co.uk/spiritus-systems-lv-119-overt-front-plate-bag-32620-p.asp

Shellback Tactical Banshee Elite 2.0

Military, police enforcement, and first responders all across the world have battle-tested and worn the Shellback Tactical Banshee Elite 2.0 Plate Carrier. This plate carrier is one of our most popular and has a lot of functions. 3D spacer mesh padding is used on the carrier’s internal body side and shoulder pads, providing unrivaled comfort and ventilation. Hypalon is used to construct the front and back of the shoulders, allowing for easy access to the buckles and routing of comms wires.

An integrated zipper admin bag on the front of the carrier stores small stuff, tools, and notebooks. The

cummerbund has six integrated pockets (3 on each side) that can hold M4 magazines and are fully adjustable to fit most sizes. The Banshee Elite 2.0 Plate Carrier is made of high-quality materials and comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Constructed of durable 500 denier nylon
  • Extreme versatility with PALS webbing covering the front, back and shoulders of the vest
  • 3D Mesh padding for comfort and allows air flow to keep you cool 
  • Hypalon shoulder straps for radio wires and hydration tubes 
  • Removable cummerbund with interior and exterior PALS for side plate pocket attachment
  • Cummerbund includes 6 integrated pockets with bungee retention for magazines or radios
  • Carrier is fully adjustable at cummerbund and shoulder straps to fit all body types
  • Built in rear hydration pocket accepts most common bladders

The Shellback Tactical Banshee Elite 2.0 plate carrier is a premium-grade plate carrier with a full-size that is still mobile. It’s well-suited for use in and out of vehicles, and users can forego the cummerbund in favor of a strap system, resulting in a minimalist style carrier. Side plates are not required. The redesigned shoulders of the 2.0 provide a little more support for all that extra weight. The new shoulder straps are wider and padded than the previous design.

This means that your shoulders will not die within the first 10 minutes of use. The Hypalon shoulder straps also make it easier to route communications cables. Shellback Tactical replaced the older hook-and-loop admin pouch with a zippered pouch. This makes it easier to access your administrative equipment. On each side of the cummerbund, there are three M4 mag size pockets. And you can carry a fighting load without attaching a pouch!

To buy this plate carrier visit: https://www.shellbacktactical.com/shellback-tactical-banshee-elite-2-0-plate-carrier/

Ferro Concepts Slickster

The Slickster’s latest generation has been designed as a multi-mission plate carrier for Law Enforcement and Military personnel. It serves as the foundation for our new ADAPT Carrier System and is scaleable and customizable with the ADAPT accessory line, which is constantly expanding. Design that is simple, low-profile, and well-thought out. Nothing you don’t need, nothing you don’t need.


  • Carry Elastic Cummerbund (CEC) that can accommodate 5.56 and 7.62 magazines, smoke, flashbang, radio, tourniquet and others (4 cells on each side). Adjustable with hook and loop front and rear
  • Loop Velcro on the chest and back allow for call-sign patches to be added
  • Laminated shoulder straps which are fully adjustable into the rear plate bag to fit all sizes. Loop velcro on bottom of straps for comfort in low visibility and ADAPT shoulder pads
  • Laser cut slots on laminated chest to attach ADAPT flaps as well as most chest rigs using ITW QASM buckles (sold separately)
  • Laser cut slots located at the bottom of front and rear plate bags to attach tourniquets and other accessories
  • Mesh lined plate bags to maximize comfort and breathability
  • Includes shoulder strap adjustment tool which, although not necessary for adjustment, helps aid in quick sizing
  • Weighing in at only 402g

Slickster, as the name implies, means the carrier arrives slick. As in, it’s not MOLLE-equipped, at least not until you want it to be. It only weighs 0.8 pounds. You can run it slick with a gear belt for a minimalist setup, or you can go all out with all the ADAPT line of gear accessories. Users can customize their cummerbunds with built-in mag pouches, MOLLE panels, and other accessories.

However, the Ferro Slickster may be best suited for low-profile tasks. It’s small, lightweight, and thin. So, maybe toss on a cumberbund with pouches and call it a day. It can be run hard, but that’s not where it shines. If you want a covert carrier who can occasionally go overt, this is an excellent choice.

To buy this plate carrier visit: https://www.tacticaldistributors.com/products/ferro-concepts-the-slickster-plate-carrier?variant=50353233620

Velocity System Scarab LT

The Velocity Systems patented swivel shoulder straps on the SCARAB LT were designed to alleviate common fit issues with traditional fixed angle shoulder straps (US Patent No. 9,894,962).

The narrow ULTRAcomp shoulder straps articulate on a D-ring, allowing them to sit correctly and comfortably on any user, regardless of neck thickness or shoulder width. The ULTRAcomp Shoulder Straps are adjustable in length and have a padded sleeve that can also be used for cable routing.

Features And Benefits

  • Front Expanded Kangaroo Pocket,
  • Adjustable Cummerbund,
  • Integrated SwiftClip Buckles,
  • Color Matching Velcro Loop Front & Rear,
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Patented swivel shoulder straps with D-ring attachments
  • Sized to hold plate of corresponding carrier size, example size large carrier holds size large ESAPI Plates
  • Three (3) Cummerbund Options: SCARAB LT/LE Cummerbund, Low-Profile Elastic Cummerbund (CBN1) MOLLE, Plate Pocket Cummerbund (CBN3)

The Velocity Systems Scarab LT is the overt plate carrier for those who don’t care about minimalism. This plate carrier is a full-sized package built for missions that last a long time. It isn’t as slick and sexy as the others, but it is a big boy who does big boy things. The Scarab LT is more capable of handling bigger load-outs than your minimalist designs, allowing you to carry a full battle load, IFAK, comms gear, and more.

NPCs are wonderful until you’re lugging a SAW and several drums of ammunition. The Scarab LT is fairly comfortable thanks to its additional size. The shoulders, in particular, offer a great deal of flexibility. The swivel shoulder straps make it simple to move your upper body. They’re also useful for shooting in unusual positions. Speaking of which, and this may just be the large guy in me speaking, I find shouldering a rifle in this gear to be a breeze.

You get a lot of options for stripping the kit down and dressing it up as needed, just like with most modern plate carriers. When necessary, remove or add front and ABC panels, as well as cummerbunds. Additionally, zipping a back panel provides a great deal of convenience. The Velocity Systems Scarab LT is a full-on, infantry-ready fighting kit that checks all the boxes.

To buy this plate carrier visit: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1020532832

Spartan Armor Level IIIA Soft Body Armor & Dl Concealed Plate Carrier

Looking for a tactical vest that’s not only light but also excellent at stopping a pistol bullet at Level IIIA threat levels while remaining affordable? For the price, users rated the Spartan Armor Systems Flex Fused Core Soft Armor as one of the best lightweight options. They also mentioned how the plate carrier is comfortable to wear and long-lasting.

The vest is made of high-quality American material and has been tested and passed to meet both NIJ-STD-0101.06 and MIL-STD-662F specifications while being comfortable. The best part is that this soft armor may be worn as a standalone tactical vest or as a backer to any hard armor system for further protection. The concealable design is available in medium to x-large sizes, with 10×12 or 11×14 plate options.


  • Low-profile
  • Bottom loading design supports the plate in the pocket
  • 4″ fully adjustable elastic cummerbund
  • 2” low profile shoulder adjustment
  • Velcro on Front and Back for Name, ID, blood type etc.
  • Denier Nylon/PU
  • Nylon webbing Mag Pouches holds an AR Mag as well as a Pistol Mag (2 on each side)

The Flex Fused Core Soft Armor from Spartan Armor Systems is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It gives GREAT protection at a GREAT price, as Spartan Armor has always done. Only the best materials from specialist companies are used in this product, which is proudly assembled in our new state-of-the-art facility in Tucson, Arizona. NIJ-STD-0101.06 / MIL-STD-662F has been tested and passed. Rated to come to a halt. Special Threat, as well as 44 MAG SJHP, Rated to come to a halt.

To buy this plate carrier visit: https://bulletproofzone.com/products/spartan-armor-level-iiia-soft-body-armor-dl-concealed-plate-carrier

U.L.V. Plate Carrier

To boost stability and weight distribution without causing the belt to “sag,” the cummerbund is constructed of Milliken Tegris, a lightweight fabric developed for heavy-duty, high-performance work even at -40°C. This implies the vest will be more protected and last longer. A standard free placard and shoulder sleeves made of NYCO Cordura fabric are also included, as well as a modular fast release that can be attached to either side of the shoulders and 10mm detachable foam for increased comfort.


  • Has a standard free placard, and shoulder sleeves with stretch made with NYCO Cordura fabric
  • Features a modular shoulder quick release which can be added on either left or right shoulder.
  • Added mesh on the back with 10 mm removable comfort foam for added comfort.
  • Available in 2 sizes: Medium – Accepts Medium plates and 10×12 inch plates and Large – Accepts below plates and Large ESAPI plates up to 10.25″x13.75″

The U.L.V. plate carrier (which stands for Ultra, Low Visibility, and Versatile) is one of Protection Group Denmark’s most recent designs, and it also happens to be the Danish word for wolf. Honeywell Spectra Centurition was used to create this carrier, which makes it 35-40% lighter than typical MOLLE plate carriers. It is also abrasion, cut, and water-resistant, making it suitable for a wide range of circumstances and environments.

 To buy this plate carrier visit: https://eagleindustries.com/tactical-ultra-low-vis-plate-carrier/

LBX Tactical Armatus II Plate Carrier

The LBX Armatus II Plate Carrier is another popular low-profile plate carrier among professional security professionals. This vest offers modularity through multiple panels that may be adjusted to your size and weight needs, making it useful for lower-level threats. With a quick-clip front panel, you’ll be ready to go in no time. The adaptability of this tactical vest is a standout feature.

The modular back panel, padded shoulder straps, and modular mesh rib cage cummerbund are all detachable or adjustable. The Triple M4 panel is also included. With a front zipper admin pocket and loop ID front and rear, security professionals will find this plate carrier to be an essential component of their job gear. Depending on the size of the vest, the 500D Cordura works with medium or big ESAPI plates. Adapt to every workplace requirement while maintaining a high level of security.


  • Low profile plate carrier with fast-clip front panel
  • Included Triple M4 Panel
  • Included Removable Back Modular Panel 
  • Removable padded shoulder straps
  • Removable adjustable modular mesh rib cage cummerbund
  • Reinforced drag handle

LBX Tactical’s new Armatus II Plate Carrier is the latest in a long line of high-quality carriers. This is the Armatus carrier’s second version, and it comes with a slew of improvements. The LBX Armatus II Plate Carrier is a modular armor carrier that can be customized with a variety of front and back panels, allowing the user to quickly customize their load-out depending on the mission.

To buy this plate carrier visit: https://lbxtactical.com/products/4020arm

Chase Tactical Lightweight Operational Plate Carrier (LOPC)

Did you know that today’s US ground troops carry 27 lbs. of personal protective equipment (including body armor and a helmet) on average? When it comes to body armor, weight is always

an issue. It means less mobility, more fatigue, and a decrease in overall performance for the wearer. The Chase Tactical Lightweight Operational Plate Carrier is now available (LOPC). It is one of the lightest and most comfortable plate carriers available, weighing only 2.5 lbs.

The vest is constructed of Mil-Spec IR treated 500D Cordura and features a breathable cummerbund with MOLLE webbing for mounting and routing any tactical equipment for a full loadout setup. It can also be worn with hard or soft body armor, making it extremely versatile for your needs. It’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular plate carriers among body armor enthusiasts and law enforcement officers. With its versatile options, lightweight design, and low price, this is an excellent choice for your first armor loadout!


  • Removable cummerbund with Mil-Spec Velcro
  • Lightweight breathable cummerbund with MOLLE webbing on the exterior and interior.
  • Vertical Clips for rapid add/removal of auxiliary chest worn equipment
  • Comes standard with a removable MOLLE clip placard
  • Interchangeable cummerbund system
  • Fully adjustable & padded shoulder straps
  • Spacer mesh for comfort & breathability
  • Made with Mil-Spec IR Treated 500D Cordura

The LOPC (Lightweight Operational Plate Carrier) is a small plate carrier that may be used with any pair of hard armor plates and soft armor backers. The shoulder straps of the LOPC are cushioned and fully adjustable. Tourniquets, hydration tubes, radio antennas, handsets, comm cables, V Lites, and strobe lights can all be mounted and routed through the nylon and elastic webbing at the tops of the shoulder straps.

Lightweight Operational Plate Carrier has a big matching Velcro loop space for placards on the front, as well as two vertical clips that will hold a number of preconfigured weapon-specific bag panels. A removable MOLLE clip plaque is included with the LOPC and is fastened in place by two vertical clips. On the inside of the LOPC, spacer mesh is employed for better ventilation and comfort.

The cummerbund is composed of lightweight breathable mesh with exterior and inner MOLLE webbing. When not in use, the drag handle is Velcroed down and out of the way.

To buy this plate carrier visit: https://bulletproofzone.com/products/chase-tactical-lightweight-operational-plate-carrier-lopc

RAC Plate Carrier

The HRT RAC Tactical Plate Carrier is a multi-role, multi-functional plate carrier with a modular design that allows users to maneuver around obstructions. While containing life-saving plates, the basic type is simple to put on and take off. The carrier is made of 500 Denier Cordura that has been coated with DuPont Teflon and includes attachment points on the chest for an integrated Duraflex Buckle attachment system (comes with HRT Placards) that allows you to quickly don and doff additional equipment depending on your operating demands.

The dual rear panel design is unique in that it has two zipper portions that allow you to customize the back of the carrier with a variety of panel options depending on your needs. The fast detach buckle can be set to operate on the right or left side, or it can be removed entirely. The optional cummerbunds provide you with more room for extra pouches, side-plate pockets, or whatever else you need to complete your task.


  • Proprietary Dual back panel zippers for user configuration
  • Quick Release shoulder buckle can be configured right, left or none
  • 500 Denier Cordura placard Double Stitched outer carrier
  • Ultra light-weight yet comfortable base system for every day deployment
  • Dual YKK zipper sections to add mission specific panels
  • Secure, easily adjustable shoulder and waist straps allow for comfort fitting.
  • Air flow channel keeps wearer cool. Optional Velcro pontoons or spacers can further extend comfort to long period of use.

When you require versatility, a modular plate carrier is a way to go. Not only is this plate carrier simple to put on and take off, but it also comes with a range of alternatives to guarantee that you’re prepared for your next challenge. The front’s integrated attachment buckle system makes it simple to put on and take off tactical gear, and the dual rear panel with zippers allows you to customize the back of the plate carrier in a variety of ways.

The fast detach buckle can be configured for any side or removed entirely. Everything is double stitched for extra strength, and the 500D Cordura is exceptionally durable. An ultra-light plate carrier with a wide range of applications.

To buy this plate carrier visit: https://www.hcctac.com/products/rac-plate-carrier?variant=35944080703642

LBT Multicam

The LBT 6094 has been a go-to plate carrier for operators both in the United States and around the world for many years. Despite having a conventional bomb-proof MOLLE attachment system and a small low-profile design, it offers enough comfort. For additional information, see the product details page. The whole vest profile features MOLLE attachment points for optimum adaptability.

Plates are interchangeable on the front, back, and sides. Front and back plate removal is facilitated by quick-release tabs. For comfort and freedom of mobility, back adjustability is hidden in cummerbund-style side panels made of elastic. Padded shoulder straps with removable wrap-around padding provide additional comfort and support. Guides for wires, antennas, or hydration hoses


  • Front, back, and side plate compatible
  • Concealable rear adjustment in cummerbund style side panels constructed with elastic for comfort and ease of movement
  • Padded shoulder straps with additional removable wrap around pads offer extra comfort and support
  • Wire, antenna or hydration hose guide
  • Spine plate sleeve
  • Reinforce drag handle
  • Centered front pouch provides easy access to maps, magazines, or utility gear
  • Interior hook and loop attachment points for shoulder or collar soft armor (LBT-2540KIT Ancillary Package)

This plate carrier has it all if you’re seeking the best in performance. For starters, there are a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, so you’re likely to find something that works for you. Second, with quick-release tabs, wire guides, padded shoulder straps, and extra padding, this is the ultimate in comfort. Third, the vest may be customized to fit practically any sort of plate, as well as any hard or flexible material.

Armor plating can be added to the front, rear, and sides. The hidden back adjustment panels provide a cummerbund-style fit that is more comfortable than many other plate carriers. With the front pouch and side pockets, you have a lot of alternatives for accessories and gear. A fantastic plate carrier that provides optimum protection and unrestricted flexibility.

To buy this plate carrier visit: https://fullmetaljacket.com/products/london-bridge-trading-lbt-6094b-multicam

Buyers Guide For Plate Carriers

Plate carriers can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from common safety during leisure activities to high-level security threats. When considering a purchase, there are various important aspects to consider in addition to pricing.

  • Protection

Soft armor or lighter plate carriers are sufficient for lower-level threat protection, such as protection against shotguns or thrown items. Hard armor and Level III or IV plate carriers are necessary to repel higher-level threats, such as guns. The ballistic plates’ suitability in various conditions is also determined by the type of material used in their construction.

  • Concealability

Being discreet with your ballistic protection is something to think about, even if it isn’t usually a problem. This is frequently the case for law enforcement or military personnel who seek to shield themselves from being targeted in exposed portions of the body. When an assailant sees you wearing body armor, they may try to assault you from a different angle, putting your safety in danger. A concealable plate carrier is a good option in these situations and might mean the difference between life and death.

  • Weight

When looking for an excellent plate carrier, mobility is also quite important. Movement and speed are essential in practically every situation where a plate carrier is involved. A big or heavy plate carrier might be inconvenient and even dangerous. Consider how much additional equipment you’ll need to carry when evaluating the quality of a plate carrier. This will help you choose an appropriate weight limit for maximum flexibility and durability. A lightweight plate carrier might be viable choice in some situations. 

  • Breathability And Ventilation

Long-term use of a tactical vest might cause dehydration and heatstroke. If personal safety is a priority, these are not the finest circumstances! It’s critical to have ventilation systems integrated into the plate carrier, especially in hot areas. The option to incorporate hydration systems inside the carrier can also be beneficial for health and safety.


The greatest plate carrier, according to studies, is the Crye Precision Jumpable Plate Carrier (JPC) 2.0. The Jumpable Plate Carrier (JPC) 2.0 comes with a slew of outstanding features. The fact that the JPC 2.0 weighs just a little over a pound is, nevertheless, the most striking feature for me.

It’s a minimalist plate carrier that favors mobility over mass in the armor universe. The JPC 2.0 may be readily customized with a variety of accessories, such as mag pouches, side plates, zip-on panels, and other flaps. The side pulls mag pouch arrangement is one of my personal favorites. The JPC 2.0 is an incredibly high-quality plate carrier regardless of how it is utilized. It’s my personal favorite and one of the most thoroughly tested plate carriers available.